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Dinner Kebabs

All kebabs are served with rice or chips and freshly prepared salad, and available with gluten free option

Lamb Kebab

Lamb Shish

House marinated large tender cubes of lamb
cooked on skewer over a charcoal grill


Lamb Adana Kebab

A mixture of finely balanced minced lamb and
house spices grilled on skewers


Lamb Cop Shish

Tenderised small pieces of diced lamb in a house
marinate, cooked over charcoal grill.


Lamb Chops

Lamb Chops


Lamb Ribs

Front ribs of lamb blended in our house
marinate, cooked on the bone over charcoal grill.


Mushroom Kebab

Skewered mushrooms and lamb Adana cooked over charcoal grill


Chicken Kebab

Chicken Adana

A mixture of finely balanced minced chicken
and house spices grilled on skewers


Chicken Shish

Large chunks of chicken breast lightly marinated
cooked over charcoal grill as desired.


Chicken Wings

(7 pieces) Finger licking chicken wings glazed with a delicious sauce.


Mixed Chicken Kebab

Perfect for chicken lovers, a combination of
all three chicken Adana, shish and wings


Mixed Kebabs

Mixed Shish Kebab

Best of both worlds, large cubes of lamb and chicken


Mixed Lamb & Chicken Adana

A duo of lamb and chicken Adana


Special Mixed Shish

A tasty threesome of lamb Adana, chicken shish and cop shish


Mixed Grill

A delicious feast for 1 person, chargrilled lamb Adana,
cop shish, chicken wings and lamb ribs. One not to be missed!


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